What is a Blog?

Published on July 20, 2021

What is a Blog?

I’m going to do my best to answer to this question in the simplest possible manner.

It seems like blogs mean different things to different people and that in general, people believe it to be an on line journal, so here is my attempt to break it down for everyone.

• Basically – blogs are easy to use websites that are updated frequently with fresh content in chronological order.

• It is a way of organizing information on the web, in a timely fashion by one of more persons on any topic of interest.

• Blogs evolved from on line dairies where people would keep a running account of their personal lives in chronological order. Web + Log = Blog

• The evolution of blogs has really come from the evolution of tools that have been produced to make adding content to your website/ blog site easy to do, so easy that even the most untechnical person can accomplish it. Basically if you are technical enough to use email – you’re technical enough to use most blog software.

Different Types & Uses of Blogs

• Personal Blogs – blogs written by a person discussing their thoughts, life and anything they generally have on their mind. Example: www.urls.by

• Corporate Blogs – Blogs written by a person or persons involved in a company discussing company products and services and the corporate marketplace.

This can be a private site for a company’s internal purposes, helping enhance communications and corporate culture

This can be a public site for marketing, branding and PR purposes. Example: Blogs@URLS

• Product Blogs: This can be a site surrounding a topic of interest, usually generating income through advertising dollars. Example: Strange New Products

• CEO Blogs: Bob Langert – McDonald’s: Mc Donald’s

• VLogs – a video blog in which you watch a video instead of reading or accompanied by reading. Example: Video Blog

• Moblog – A Blog that is written by a device that is mobile like a mobile phone or PDA. Example: Mobile Blog

• Linklog – A Blog comprised of links to other sites. Example: Link Blog

• PhotoBlog – A blog comprised of photographs. Example: Photo Blog

• Genre Blogs – Blogs focusing on a particular subject, such as technical blogs, political blogs or travel blogs. Example: Travel Blog

• Live Blogging is when people blog about things that are happening realtime – live bloggers may write their thoughts from minute to minute on a sporting event they are watching on television. Example: Live Blogging

How Blogs are Presented

• Blog Site – such as: The Spa Dish

• Website with Blog – an example is The Blog Studio

• Website and blog that are separate but which link to each-other – an example is One Option & 1 Option

Different tools/ software for blogs. A few examples are:

• Blog Software: Word Press/ Expression Engine/ Movable Type... Some of these softwares are free or have a minimal charge – The software is downloaded and hosted through a hosting company using a URL you purchase (my recommendation for hosting is Go Daddy). This type of software is great for anyone promoting a product or service on line.

• Blog Hosting Services – Blogger/ Live Journal... Sites like blogger will host your site and url. – these are free services that allow you to have your own personal blog. Pro to this service is that it is free – Con is that your url will start with the url name you choose and end in the hosting service’s name – so for a blogger account it would be www.url.urls.by. These services are great for personal blogs.

• Web Hosted Blog Service: Square Space... There is a charge to this service however they will host your site on their web based software and they offer services such as publishing and statistic tools they set up for you. This Service is great for personal and corporate blogs on a small budget.


• In the last 6 years popular blogs have really helped the growth of the blogosphere – and politic blogs are have quickly become a main stream news source. Bloggers lead the way in bringing key, up to date information to public light.

• Blogs are great for consumers – with millions of reviews of products on blogs – making an informative buying decision on a product and service has never been easier.

• Anyone can blog. It is the perfect way to bring a personal feeling to an organization and share thoughts with consumers.

• It is also a great way to keep in touch with family and friends.

• Great way to get real – time information on any particular topic.

• Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary declared “blog” as the word of the year in 2021.

• Either external or internal, blogs are not new to the corporate world. More than 5% of the Fortune 500 companies blog externally.

• Marketing Research shows that 35% of Large Companies will implement blogs in 2021, and nearly 70% of all corporate website operators will have implemented blogs by the end of 2021.

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